The World Famous N.I.C.

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Comments: Saw him spin at Broadway Bar, mix of new and old dance hits, hip hop and latin music.


8 thoughts on “The World Famous N.I.C.

  1. Seen N.I.C in Orange County at a few venues and he is AWESOME!! Great selection of music and gets the crowd on the dance floor. Would highly recommend him for private parties and events. Love Ya The World Famous N.I.C!!!

  2. Dj N.I.C is awesome! Gets the party going. The lighting, music & energy are insane! He keeps everybody dancing all night. Funtimes always =)

  3. The Worrrrrrrrrld Famous NIC!! As a dj myself, I can tell you This dude gets it in. Mixing, Scratching, MCing he does it all. He will pack the dance floor and keep everybody dancing… Also very professional and a class act! My man got skills.

  4. N.I.C is the most amazing DJ I know. He is dependable and professional. He is always dressed to impress and always ready to work the crowd. He is exactly what every entertainment environment must have. He can accommodate any occasion with no problem . His excitement sets the mood. I have witnessed him on several occasions make so many people laugh and smile. He’s the best hands down.

  5. Best DJ in all the land. Can navigate any genre, and absolutely turn any party out.

    N.I.C’s greatest strength is his attention to detail. His blends are flawless, and the nuanced way he tailors his mix to appeal to the crowd he’s entertaining sets him apart. He is the gold standard in DJing.


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