The City Bar


city-bar1Thursday night at City Bar. This place is beautiful. It seems upscale but the drinks are relatively affordable. I love how the tables are lit up in neon and it’s a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the city. It reminds me of a rooftop bar in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. I feel like if we were in LA I’d be reminiscent of the rooftop at the Standard downtown. But no, I’m here in Kampala. Sitting in the corner like a weirdo white chick on a laptop at a bar, but I don’t really care what people think. I have the power of the pen…. I’m in a beautiful place listening to dope music with a sexy elegant ambiance. I don’t understand why it’s not packed. What is going on better than this on a Thursday night I wonder.


DJ KrysKross and Ras Trix Souljah make me love reggae music. I’m starting to think that I never understood what reggae music was about until this point. It has a nice rhythm and they play an upbeat form of reggae that is fun to dance to. It also has lots of emotion… People can’t help but at least sway back and forth. The lyrics are filled with love and empowerment unlike mainstream hip hop back home in LA. I never hear hip hop in KLA. Do people not relate to it? I’m used to Drake singing into my ear in a drunkin dancing state at this time of night by now but this is different. I’m enjoying my light buzz and music about love and happiness. It’s a different speed….That is a main cultural difference I have discovered. Everything in Uganda feels like slow motion compared to LA. I often day dream while waiting in line at the grocery or the bank or any government office. I picture the sloths scene at the DMV in the movie Zootropolis.

I digress….back to my happy place at City Bar….enjoying the high, my drink, the cool rooftop breeze after a hot day, happy music that makes you want to move. Then I feel a energy boost. That’s Hypeman Paul. He’s the best I’ve seen anywhere. I’ve been immersed in nightlife in many major cities…LA, NY, San Fran, DC, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Dubai, but I don’t remember hearing anyone better than him. Somehow he takes regular music and injects energy into it and breathes life into the crowd. It makes a big difference. He can always read the crowd which also impresses me. There is talent everywhere in Uganda but lost in the mix somehow. The rest of the world is sleeping on Kampala. It has my favorite nightlife scene. More than anywhere in the states or Europe.

Africa is the origin of everything of course, but music and dance beat through the blood of people here on a deeper level than anywhere else in my opinion. The dancing is my favorite part. Everyone knows how to move. Its rare to find someone with two left feet, but in LA smh, its rare to find someone that can feel a beat the way that people do here naturally. People also stand more here which causes them to move freely. In LA, our feet hurt because someone convinced us we have to wear fancy shoes. My eyes gaze over my laptop screen as I see a group of young guys and girls dancing to the music – booties shakin, hips grinding, smiles, foreplay for sex later I imagine. I wave hello to the DJ as if to solute someone that somehow intuitively knows what you want to hear next. He sees me and smiles, his face lighting up with joy. I feel a boost of happy energy and instantly smile. That smile is infectious. I look at him like the feeling is mutual….I want you too….

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