Kampala Nightlife Culture

The Unexpected Adventure – February 2020

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m tired from the week already. Is it Friday yet I think as I walk home from work. I see a message from a friend, “Are you coming out tonight to check out the Mubali 6 band at Lit Lounge?” Oh yeah, that’s tonight. (Read More)


The City Bar – February 2020

Thursday night at City Bar. This place is beautiful. It seems upscale but the drinks are relatively affordable. I love how the tables are lit up in neon and it’s a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the city. It reminds me of a rooftop bar in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. I feel like if we were in LA I’d be reminiscent of the rooftop at the Standard downtown. But no, I’m here in Kampala. (Read more)